Inspector Gadget (1999 Movie)

Inspector Gadget (1999 Movie)

Inspector Gadget Description:

John Brown, a naive and clueless security guard, experiences the wrath of the evil Dr. Claw and is left clinging to life. Jumping at the chance to put her robotics expertise to the test, the brilliant Dr. Brenda Bradford transforms him into Inspector Gadget – the ultimate crime-fighting tool!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Matthew Broderick: Jonathan “John” Brown/Inspector Gadget/Robo-Gadget
  • Rupert Everett: Sanford Scolex/Dr. Claw
  • Joely Fisher: Dr. Brenda Bradford/RoboBrenda
  • Michelle Trachtenberg: Penny Brown
  • Dabney Coleman: Chief Frank Quimby III
  • L. Hughley: the voice of the Gadgetmobile
  • René Auberjonois: Dr. Artemus Bradford
  • Don Adams: the voice of Brain
  • Cheri Oteri: Mayor Wilson
  • Andy Dick: Kramer
  • Michael G. Hagerty: Sykes
  • Frances Bay: Thelma
  • P. Manoux: The Mayor’s Sycophantic Assistant
  • Brian George: The Sore Guru
  • Richard Penn: Fantastic Doctor
  • Sonya Eddy: Hospital Secretary
  • Andy Heyward: Mr. D.I.C.
  • Aaron Meyerson: Aaron Meyerson

Movie Trailer:

$134.4 million
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