Life with Mikey (Touchstone Movie)

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Life with Mikey (Touchstone Movie)

Life with Mikey Details:

Mikey is a former child star having a little trouble with his new role as a kids’ talent agent. He’s desperate to find a way to keep his third-rate talent agency from going under when he meets Angie, a young con artist. With her streetwise smarts and irresistible charm, she’s a natural for TV commercials and could be their ticket to the big time — if they don’t drive each other crazy first!

Key Cast:

  • Michael J. Fox: Michael “Mikey” Chapman
  • Christina Vidal: Angie Vega
  • Cyndi Lauper: Geena Briganti
  • Nathan Lane: Ed Chapman
  • David Krumholtz: Barry Corman
  • David Huddleston: Mr. Corcoran
  • Tim Progosh: Lawyer Norman Feller
  • Victor Garber: Brian Spiro
  • Mary Alice: Mrs. Gordon
  • Kathryn Grody: Mrs. Corman
  • Sean Power: Lenny
  • Paula Garcés: Janice
  • Blake McGrath: Acrobat
  • Phoebe Lapine: Andrews Sister #1
  • Anna Rose Menken: Andrews Sister #2
  • Ali Caplan: Andrews Sister #3
  • Rubén Blades: Angie’s dad
  • Aida Turturro: Officer Moran
  • Christine Baranski: Carol

Key Crew:

  • Director: James Lapine
  • Producers: Scott Rudin and Marc Lawrence
  • Writer: Marc Lawrence
  • Music: Alan Menken
$12.4 million

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