Old Yeller (1957 Movie)

Old Yeller (1957 Movie)

Old Yeller Synopsis:

When his younger brother adopts a frisky lop-eared stray, 15-year-old Travis (Tommy Kirk), acting “man-of-the-house,” tries to shoo him away. But Old Yeller soon proves he is anything but “yellow” when he protects the family farm and saves Travis’ life.

Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • The film is based on the 1956 novel of the same name by Fred Gipson.

  • The movie was re-released only once, in 1965.

  • The movie yielded a sequel, Savage Sam, in 1963.

Key Cast Members:

  • Fess Parker: Jim Coates
  • Dorothy McGuire: Katie Coates
  • Tommy Kirk: Travis Coates
  • Kevin Corcoran: Arliss Coates
  • Jeff York: Bud Searcy
  • Beverly Washburn: Lisbeth Searcy
  • Chuck Connors: Burn Sanderson

Director: Robert Stevenson
Producer: Walt Disney
Writers: Fred Gipson and William Turnberg
Music: Oliver Wallace and Will Schaefer

$6.25 million
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