Return From Witch Mountain (1978 Movie)

Return From Witch Mountain (1978 Movie)

Return From Witch Mountain Description:

In Disney’s Return From Witch Mountain, the entire city of Los Angeles teeters on the brink of nuclear disaster when the greedy criminals manipulate a young boy’s supernatural powers for their own devious gain. But the youth’s sister and a streetwise band of truants join forces in a desperate attempt to save the city from destruction.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Bette Davis: Letha Wedge
  • Christopher Lee: Dr. Victor Gannon
  • Kim Richards: Tia Malone
  • Ike Eisenmann: Tony Malone
  • Jack Soo: Mr. “Yo-Yo” Yokomoto
  • Anthony James: Sickle
  • Richard Bakalyan: Eddie
  • Ward Costello: Mr. Clearcole
  • Christian Juttner: Dazzler
  • Brad Savage: Muscles
  • Poindexter Yothers: Crusher
  • Jeffrey Jacquet: Rocky
  • Stu Gilliam: Dolan
  • William Bassett: Operations officer
  • Tom Scott: Monitor
  • Helene Winston: Dowager
  • Albert Able: Engineer
  • Denver Pyle: Uncle Bene
  • Brian Part, Pierre Daniel: Goons
  • Wally Brooks: Taxi fare
  • Mel Gold: Security guard
  • Bob Yothers: Cop
  • Casse Jaeger: School patrolman
  • Larry Mamorstein: Guard
  • Bob James: Gate guard
  • Ruth Warshawsky: Lady in car
  • Adam Anderson: Man in museum
  • Rosemary Lord: Woman in museum
  • Ted Noose: Policeman
  • Wally Berns: Man in car

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