Shanghai Knights (Touchstone Movie)

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Shanghai Knights (Touchstone Movie)

Shanghai Knights Details:

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson jump back in the saddle for SHANGHAI KNIGHTS, the hilarious sequel to the hit action-comedy SHANGHAI NOON. When Chon Wang (Chan) gets news of his estranged father’s murder in Shanghai, he leaves his honorable life as Carson City’s sheriff in a cloud of dust and reunites with his yarn-spinning sidekick, Roy O’Bannon (Wilson). Together they make their way to London on a daring quest for honor and revenge. Hilarious escapades and hair-raising adventures ensue as our heroes find themselves in the middle of a devious plot to eliminate the entire royal family. And Chon gives Victorian Britain a royal kick in the pants as he tries to avenge his father’s death and keep love-struck Roy away from his sister!

Key Cast:

  • Jackie Chan: Chon “John” Wang / “John Wayne”
  • Owen Wilson: Roy O’Bannon / “Roy Rogers”
  • Fann Wong: Chon Lin
  • Aaron Johnson: Charlie Chaplin
  • Aidan Gillen: Lord Nelson Rathbone
  • Donnie Yen: Wu Chow
  • Tom Fisher: Arthur “Artie” Doyle
  • Oliver Cotton: Jack the Ripper
  • Kim Chan: Chon Wang and Chon Lin’s father
  • Gemma Jones: Queen Victoria
  • Tom Wu: Lead Boxer Liu
  • Kelly-Marie Kerr: Clara
  • Constantine Gregory: the Mayor of New York City
  • Ray Donn: Chinese villager (uncredited)
  • Barbara Nedeljáková: Debutante
  • Anna-Louise Plowman: Debutante
  • Georgina Chapman: Debutante
  • Daisy Beaumont: Cigarette girl
  • Alison King: Prostitute

Key Crew:

  • Director: David Dobkin
  • Producers: Roger Birbaum, Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman
  • Writers: Alfred Gough and Miles MIllar
$182.3 million

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