Superdad (1973 Movie)

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Superdad (1973 Movie)

Superdad Description:

In Disney’s Superdad, Charlie McCready haplessly invites punishment by trying to keep up with his daughter’s rowdy teenage friends in volleyball, waterskiing and even bodysurfing! His overprotective meddling soon drives her away from Bart, her beach-bum boyfriend, right into the arms of a crazed beatnik painter.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Bob Crane: Charlie McCready
  • Barbara Rush: Sue McCready
  • Kurt Russell: Bart
  • Joe Flynn: Cyrus Hershberger
  • Kathleen Cody: Wendy McCready
  • Joby Baker: Klutch
  • Dick Van Patten: Ira Kushaw
  • Bruno Kirby: Stanley Schlimmer
  • Judith Lowry: Mother Barlow
  • Ivor Francis: Dr. Skinner on TV
  • Jonathan Daly: Rev. Griffith
  • Naomi Stevens: Mrs. Levin
  • Nicholas Hammond: Roger Rhinehurst
  • Jack Manning: Justice of the Peace
  • Jim Wakefield: House Manager
  • Ed McCready: Cab Driver
  • Larry Gelman: Mr. Schlimmer
  • Stephen Dunne: TV Moderator
  • Allison McKay: Secretary
  • Leon Belasco: Limousine Driver
  • Sarah Fankboner: Scout Girl
  • Christina Anderson: Gang
  • Ed Begley Jr.: Gang
  • Don Carter: Gang
  • Joy Ellison: Gang
  • Ann Marshall: Gang
  • Michael Rupert: Gang
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