Tex (1982 Movie)

Tex (1982 Movie)

Tex Description

For Tex McCormick and older brother Mason, just growing up is the ultimate adventure, especially when Dad is always gone, Mom has passed on, and life is dealing you one challenge after another. So begins the small-town saga of one teen’s straightforward struggle to find friendship, love, and family – and learning that growing up is about never giving up.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Matt Dillon: Texas “Tex” McCormick
  • Jim Metzler: Mason “Mace” McCormick
  • Meg Tilly: Jamie Collins
  • Bill McKinney: Pop McCormick
  • Frances Lee McCain: Mrs. Johnson
  • Ben Johnson: Cole Collins
  • Phil Brock: Lem Peters
  • Emilio Estevez: Johnny Collins
  • Tom Virtue: Robert Bob Collins
  • Jack Thibeau: Coach Jackson
  • Željko Ivanek: Hitchhiker Mark Jennings
  • Pamela Ludwig: Connie Peters
  • Jeff Fleury: Roger Genet
  • Suzanne Costallos: Fortune Teller
  • Marilyn Redfield: Ms. Carlson
  • Mark Arnott: Kelly
  • Jill Clark: Marcie
  • Sheryl Briedel: Lisa
  • Lisa Mirkin: Shelly
  • Rod Jones: Doctor
  • Richard Krause: Ride Operator
  • Don Harral: Doctor at Hospital
  • Janine Burns: Nurse
  • Mark Huebner: Orderly
  • Ron Thulin: Anchorman
  • Mary Simons: Ms. Germanie
  • Francine Ringold: Lady Reporter
  • Darren Cates: Kid near Tex
  • Robin Winters: Girl on Bike
  • Lance Parkill: Boy
  • Adam Hubbard: Kid 1
  • Wayne Dorris: Kid 2
  • Mike Coats: Dave
  • Charlie Haas: Lee
  • Larry Stallsworth: Patrolman
  • Scott Smith: Biker 1
  • Eric Beckstrom: Biker 2
  • S.E. Hinton: Mrs. Barnes
  • Coralie Hunter: Lukie Peters
  • Toyota: Rowdy
$7.4 million
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