Unstrung Heroes (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Unstrung Heroes (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Unstrung Heroes Details:

When a youngster needs a break from the pressures of his parents’ household, he moves in with his offbeat uncles. From this unlikely pair, his family soon learns some invaluable lessons about life, love, and pride. Directed by the multi-talented Diane Keaton and also starring Andie MacDowell, John Turturro and Michael Richards, you’re sure to love this heartfelt film!


Key Cast:

  • Andie MacDowell: Selma Lidz
  • John Turturro: Sid Lidz
  • Michael Richards: Danny Lidz
  • Maury Chaykin: Arthur Lidz
  • Nathan Watt: Steven/Franz
  • Celia Weston: Amelia
  • Candice Azzara: Joanie
  • Jack McGee: Lindquist

Key Crew:

  • Director: Diane Keaton
  • Producers: Susan Arnold, Bill Badalto and Donna Roth
  • Screenplay: Richard LaGravenese
$7.9 million
Nominated Academy Award; Nominated Grammy Award