Solo: A Star Wars Story Box Office Results

Last Updated on: July 9th, 2018

Solo A Star Wars Story box officeSolo: A Star Wars Story opened this past holiday weekend and as some predicted, its box office performance did not live up tot he lofty expectations set by other Disney Star Wars releases. Here is a weekly-updated rundown of the Solo: A Star Wars Story box office performance.

For the 3-day weekend, Solo grossed $103 million in North America and $148 globally. On the surface, $148 million seems like a pretty impressive total, but when compared to the past Disney Star Wars releases (Force Awakens- $248M, Rogue One- $155M, Last Jedi- $220M), it is a pretty disappointing number.

That said, don’t cry too much for Disney. The entertainment giant has already released two of the largest movies in history this year and has a number of potential hits (including The Incredibles 2 in a couple of weeks) set for release later on this year.

As always, I will be updating this post weekly as news about Solo: A Star Wars Story’s box office performance is released.

Update 6/3/18: Solo has achieved and estimated $29 million at home this weekend- a 65% drop from its open. Its international take is around $30.3 million. After the weekend, the movie now stands at $115.3 million domestic and $264.2 million global. Ugh! (relatively speaking)

Update 6/10/18: The drop continues as Solo closed out the weekend bringing in $15.15 million domestic and $11.3 million international. This pushed its totals to $176 million domestic and $312.2 million global.

Update 6/17/18: Solo came in 4th this weekend and is barely showing signs of life at home ($9.3 million) and abroad ($5.2 million). The movie now sits at $195 million domestic and $339.5 million global.

Update 7/9/18: Solo finished the weekend outside the top 10 movies, bringing in roughly $8 million global. The film now sits at $211 million domestic / $169 million international ($380 million global).

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