Breakfast of Champions (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Breakfast of Champions (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Breakfast of Champions Details:

Superstar Bruce Willis (THE SIXTH SENSE) stars in this critically acclaimed, offbeat comedy about a man who’s having a hard time getting a grip on his life! A millionaire car salesman who runs the biggest dealership in Midland City, Dwayne Hoover (Willis) is a celebrity, loved and trusted by everyone. Then one day, he wakes up and realizes that his life is a total mess! But between the headaches posed by his pill-popping wife (Barbara Hershey — FALLING DOWN), a mistress (Glenne Headly — MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS) who won’t leave him alone, and a cross-dressing sales manager (Nick Nolte — THE THIN RED LINE), Dwayne has picked a bad week for a midlife crisis! Based on the best-selling novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., this hilarious comedy and its incredible all-star cast will keep you laughing as Dwayne tries to keep from losing his mind!


Key Cast:

  • Bruce Willis as Dwayne Hoover
  • Albert Finney as Kilgore Trout
  • Nick Nolte as Harry LeSabre
  • Barbara Hershey as Celia Hoover
  • Glenne Headly as Francine Pefko
  • Valerie Perrine as Montana Wildhack
  • Lukas Haas as George “Bunny” Hoover
  • Omar Epps as Wayne Hoobler
  • Vicki Lewis as Grace LeSabre
  • Buck Henry as Fred T. Barry
  • Ken Campbell as Eliot Rosewater / Gilbert
  • Jake Johanssen as Bill Bailey
  • Will Patton as Moe the truck driver
  • Chip Zien as Andy Wojeckowzski
  • Owen Wilson as Monte Rapid
  • Alison Eastwood as Maria Maritimo
  • Shawnee Smith as Bonnie McMahon
  • Michael Jai White as Howell
  • Michael Duncan as Eli
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. as Commercial director

Key Crew:

  • Director: Alan Rudolph
  • Producers: David Blocker and David Willis
  • Screenplay: Alan Rudolph

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