Condorman (1981 Movie)

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Condorman (1981 Movie)

Condorman Description:

It’s nonstop comical chaos when a comic book artist bumbles his way into international espionage after adopting the identity of Condorman, one of his comic book characters. When a beautiful Russian spy wants him to help her defect, his life explodes into more fantasy and excitement than all of his comic strips put together!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Michael Crawford: Woodrow “Woody” Wilkins
  • Barbara Carrera: Natalia Rambova
  • Oliver Reed: Krokov
  • James Hampton: Harry
  • Jean-Pierre Kalfon: Morovich
  • Dana Elcar: Russ
  • Vernon Dobtcheff: Russian agent
  • Robert Arden: CIA Chief
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