Encino Man (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Encino Man (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Encino Man Details:

Starring Pauly Shore, ENCINO MAN unearths the biggest laughs in 2 million years! The fun kicks off when two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard! Once the living fossil thaws out, the friends figure he’s their ticket to being cool. But the plan backfires when the newcomer turns everyday life upside down, generating pre-hysterical craziness wherever he roams! Co-starring Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser, you’ll definitely dig ENCINO MAN — the totally irreverent, totally awesome comedy that shows just how hilariously out-of-control things evolve once the stone age meets the rock age head-on!


Key Cast:

  • Sean Astin: David “Dave” Morgan
  • Brendan Fraser: Linkovich “Link” Chomovsky
  • Pauly Shore: Stanley “Stoney” Brown
  • Megan Ward: Robyn Sweeney
  • Robin Tunney: Ella
  • Michael DeLuise: Matthew “Matt” Wilson
  • Patrick Van Horn: Phil
  • Dalton James: Will
  • Rick Ducommun: Mr. Brush
  • Jonathan Quan: Kim
  • Rose McGowan: Nora
  • Michole White: Kathleen
  • Mariette Hartley: Mrs. Morgan
  • Richard Masur: Larry Morgan
  • Ellen Blain: Tenna Morgan
  • Sandra Hess: Cave Nug
  • Mike Diamente: Steve Morgan
  • Erick Avari: Raji
  • Gerry Bednob: Kashmir
  • Allen Russell: Redneck

Key Crew:

  • Director: Les Mayfield
  • Producers: George Zaloom, Hilton Green and Michael Rotenberg
  • Writers: George Zaloom and Shawn Schepps
$40.6 million