Gun Shy (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Gun Shy (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Gun Shy Details:

Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt star with Sandra Bullock in an outrageously offbeat comedy about what happens when a busy undercover cop suddenly loses his legendary nerves of steel! The only way Charlie (Neeson), a respected D.E.A. agent traumatized by a hair-raising run-in with some ruthless gangsters, can do his job is with the embarrassing treatments of an attractive nurse (Bullock) and the questionable psychotherapy provided by a highly unstable support group! And since he’s stuck in a deep-cover sting operation until he nabs a wisecracking, trigger-happy Mafia leader who scares him to death (Platt), Charlie can only hope to fake his tough-as-nails image long enough to make this one last bust … and make it out alive! Loaded with huge stars and big laughs — you can’t miss with this high-caliber comedy hit!


Key Cast:

  • Liam Neeson: Charles Mayeaux
  • Oliver Platt: Fulvio Nesstra
  • Sandra Bullock: Judy Tipp
  • José Zúñiga: Fidel Vaillar
  • Michael DeLorenzo: Estuvio Clavo
  • Andrew Lauer: Jason Cane
  • Mary McCormack: Gloria Minetti Nesstra

Key Crew:

  • Director: Eric Blakeney
  • Producer: Sandra Bullock
  • Writer: eric Blakeney
$3.2 million

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