Houseguest (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Houseguest (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Houseguest Details:

Hollywood’s leading funnyman Sinbad drops in for domestic laughs and comical chaos in this outrageously funny comedy the whole family will love. Con artist Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is in a jam. On the run from the mob, his only escape is to impersonate the long-lost friend of an uptight lawyer (hilarious comedian Phil Hartman) — and move in with his dysfunctional family but pretending to be a wine expert, a golf pro and a world-famous dentist is no easy task. It’s not long before his good-natured hosts discover the scam — and the mob discovers his whereabouts. Wildly entertaining and full of surprises, HOUSEGUEST brings home a delightful mix of charades, calamities and colourful comedy!


Key Cast:

  • Sinbad: Kevin Franklin
  • Phil Hartman: Gary Young
  • Kim Greist: Emily Young
  • Kim Murphy: Brooke Young
  • Chauncey Leopardi: Jason Young
  • Talia Seider: Sarah Young
  • Paul Ben-Victor: Pauly Gasperini
  • Tony Longo: Joey Gasperini
  • Jeffrey Jones: Ron Timmerman
  • Stan Shaw: Larry, the Tattoo Artist
  • Ron Glass: Dr. Derek Bond
  • Kevin Jordan: Steve ‘ST-3’, Brooke’s boyfriend
  • Mason Adams: Mr. Pike
  • Patricia Fraser: Mrs. Nancy Pike
  • Don Brockett: Happy Marcelli
  • Kevin West: Vincent Montgomery
  • Ron Newell: Dr. Walter Kraft
  • Susan Chapek: Nurse Brenda
  • Kirk Baily: Stuart the Manager
  • Valerie Long: Sister Mary Winters
  • Wynonna Smith: Lynn, Kevin’s fiancee
  • Jesse Rivera: Kevin, aged 12

Key Crew:

  • Director: Randall Miller
  • Producers: Joe Roth and Roger Birnbaum
  • Writers: Michael Di Gaetano and Lawrence Gay
$26.3 million