Straight Talk (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Straight Talk (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Straight Talk Details:

When down-on-her-luck country girl Shirlee Kenyon (Dolly Parton) walks through the wrong door at the right time, she accidentally becomes Chicago’s newest talk-radio celebrity and turns the Windy City’s hottest radio station upside down! With her homespun wit and down-home advice, Shirlee immediately wins listeners’ hearts — but causes hilarious confusion for her ratings-conscious boss (Griffin Dunne) and comical havoc for the investigative reporter (James Woods) trying to uncover her mysterious past! If you’re looking for no-nonsense advice on what hit movie offers you pure entertainment — you’ll love every comical minute of STRAIGHT TALK!


Key Cast:

  • Dolly Parton: Shirlee Kenyon
  • James Woods: John “Jack” Russell
  • Griffin Dunne: Alan Riegert
  • Michael Madsen: Steve
  • Philip Bosco: Gene Perlman
  • Jerry Orbach: Milo Jacoby
  • Deirdre O’Connell: Lily
  • John Sayles: Guy Girardi
  • Teri Hatcher: Janice
  • Spalding Gray: Dr. David Erdman
  • Amy Morton: Ann
  • Charles Fleischer: Tony
  • Keith MacKechnie: Gordon
  • Jay Thomas: Zim Zimmerman
  • Paula Newsome: Ellen
  • Tracy Letts: Sean
  • John Gegenhuber: Waiter

Key Crew:

  • Director: Barnet Kellman
  • Producers: Carol Baum, Fred Berner, Robert Chartoff and Howard Rosenman
  • Writer: Craig Bolotin
$21.2 million