Three Fugitives (Touchstone Movie)

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Three Fugitives (Touchstone Movie)

Three Fugitives Details:

Funnyman Martin Short plays an inept, klutzy bank robber who, on his first heist, grabs Nick Nolte as a hostage. Nolte plays a notorious ex-con who is trying to go straight, so naturally, no one believes he’s innocent or Short guilty, forcing the mismatched pair to become reluctant partners in crime. Add to the mix-up Short’s adorable six-year-old daughter who desperately tries to keep this very odd couple together on a hilarious wheel-screeching run for the Canadian border! There’s no escaping the laughter and miles of slapstick humor in this hilarious comedy!

Key Cast:

  • Nick Nolte: Daniel James Lucas
  • Martin Short: Ned Perry
  • James Earl Jones: Detective Movan Duggan
  • Alan Ruck: Inspector Tenner
  • Sarah Doroff: Meghan “Meg” Perry
  • Kenneth McMillan: Horvath
  • David Arnott: Bank Teller
  • Lee Garlington: Constable Jane Karie
  • Bruce McGill: Charlie
  • Sy Richardson: Tucker
  • Rocky Giordani: Bowles
  • Stanley Brock: Release Sergent
  • Rick Hall: Dog Handler Billy
  • Brian Thompson: Second Thug
  • Jack McGee: Fisherman
  • Kathy Kinney: Receptionist
  • Larry Miller: Street Cop
  • Jeff Perry: Orderly #2
  • Dinah Lenney: Reporter #1
  • John Aylward: Second Cop
  • Tim De Zarn: First Cop
  • Rhoda Gemignani: Radio Announcer
  • Charles Noland: Bartender Dave
  • Albert Henderson: Man In Raincoat
  • Gary Armagnac: Cop #2
  • Dean Smith: Barry “Playboy” Jones
  • Mike MacDonald: Sergeant Snow
  • Michael Siegel: Cop #4

Key Crew:

  • Director: Francis Veber
  • Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner
  • Writer: Francis Veber
$64.5 million

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