Tombstone (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Tombstone (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Tombstone Details:

A sizzling, star-studded cast brings to life the legendary battle to deliver justice to TOMBSTONE! Kurt Russell turns in a gripping performance as U.S. Marshall Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer ignites the screen as the outrageous Doc Holliday. Together, they team up to bring law to the lawless in a notorious showdown with the ruthless outlaws at the O.K. Corral! Get ready for an explosive, action-packed adventure the Wild West would never forget!


Key Cast:

  • Kurt Russell: Wyatt Earp
  • Val Kilmer: Doc Holliday
  • Sam Elliott: Virgil Earp
  • Bill Paxton: Morgan Earp
  • Powers Boothe: “Curly Bill” Brocius
  • Michael Biehn: Johnny Ringo
  • Charlton Heston: Henry Hooker
  • Jason Priestley: Billy Breakenridge
  • Jon Tenney: Sheriff Johnny Behan
  • Stephen Lang: Ike Clanton
  • Thomas Haden Church: Billy Clanton
  • Dana Delany: Josephine Marcus
  • Paula Malcomson: Allie Earp
  • Lisa Collins: Louisa Earp
  • John Philbin: Tom McLaury
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson: Mattie Blaylock
  • Joanna Pacuła: Big Nose Kate
  • Michael Rooker: Sherman McMasters
  • Harry Carey, Jr.: Marshal Fred White
  • Billy Bob Thornton: Johnny Tyler
  • Tomas Arana: Frank Stilwell
  • Paul Ben-Victor: “Indian Charlie” Cruz
  • Robert John Burke: Frank McLaury
  • Billy Zane: Mr. Fabian
  • John Corbett: Johnny Barnes
  • Buck Taylor: “Turkey Creek” Jack Johnson
  • Terry O’Quinn: Mayor John Clum
  • Peter Sherayko: John “Texas Jack” Vermillion
  • Wyatt Earp III: Billy Claiborne
  • Robert Mitchum: Narrator

Key Crew:

  • Director: George Cosmatos
  • Producers: James Jacks, Sean Daniel and Bob Misiorowski
  • Writer: Kevin Jarre
$56.5 million