The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003 Movie)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003 Movie)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie Description

Goodbye, home! Hello, Rome! In Disney’s The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie, along with classmates Gordo, Kate, and Ethan, is celebrating with a graduation trip to Italy to experience la dolce vita – and some awesome pizza! In a whirlwind of comic events, Lizzie is mistaken for Italy’s biggest pop diva, Isabella, and falls for Paolo, Isabella’s handsome singing partner. Transformed from awkward teen into international pop star, Lizzie now has the choice of a lifetime.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Hilary Duff: Elizabeth Brooke “Lizzie” McGuire
  • Hilary Duff’s Clone: Isabella Parigi
  • Haylie Duff: Singing voice for Isabella Parigi
  • Adam Lamberg: David Zephyr “Gordo” Gordon
  • Robert Carradine: Samuel “Sam” McGuire
  • Hallie Todd: Joanne “Jo” McGuire
  • Jake Thomas: Matthew “Matt” McGuire
  • Yani Gellman: Paolo Valisari
  • Alex Borstein: Ms. Angela Ungermeyer
  • Clayton Snyder: Ethan Craft
  • Ashlie Brillault: Katherine “Kate” Sanders
  • Brendan Kelly: Sergei
  • Carly Schroeder: Melina Bianco
  • Daniel Escobar: Mr. Escobar
  • Jody Raicot: Giorgio
  • Terra MacLeod: Franca DiMontecatini
  • Claude Knowlton: the stage manager
$55.5 million
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