X-MEN ’97 (Disney+ Show)

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X-MEN ’97 (Disney+ Show)

X-MEN ’97 Details:

A new generation, and fans of the original decade-defining cartoon, will enjoy this all-new animated series that revisits the iconic era and cast of characters from 1992’s X-Men: The Animated Series. In X-Men ’97 viewers can expect a return to this classic period in X-Men history, with many of the same cast members from its original run! (source)


  • Logan: Cal Dodd
  • Rogue: Lenore Zann
  • Beast: George Buza
  • Storm: Alison Sealy-Smith
  • Gambit: Chris Potter
  • Jean Grey: Catherine Disher
  • Nightcrawler: Adrian Hough
  • Mr Sinster: Christopher Britton


  • Head Writer: Beau DeMayo
  • Supervising Director: Jake Castorena
  • Supervising Producer: Charley Feldman