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Last Updated on: February 18th, 2024

Disney 1984 Movies ShowsThe Walt Disney Company has a rich and lengthy history with decades of amazing movies, shows and park experiences. To commemorate Disney’s 100th birthday this year, I am spotlighting the company’s history year by year in this new ‘Disney by the Years’ series.

To say that 1984 was a crossroads year for the Walt Disney Corporation, would be an understatement. In 1984, a dynamic duo emerged to fend off a corporate raider (Saul Steinberg) and reshape the course of Disney’s history. Michael Eisner and Frank Wells took the reins at the House of Mouse, injecting fresh vision and business acumen into the once struggling entertainment giant. Eisner, a former executive at Paramount Pictures, assumed the role of Chairman and CEO, while Wells, previously the President of Warner Bros., became the President and Chief Operating Officer. Together, their transformative leadership led Disney to a new era of creativity and financial success. Under their guidance, the studio released a string of animated classics and live-action hits, revitalizing the animation department with films like “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “The Lion King.” Their combined expertise and bold decision-making not only revitalized Disney’s animation legacy but also expanded the company’s influence into theme parks, television, and international markets, solidifying Disney’s position as a global entertainment powerhouse. The Eisner-Wells era laid the foundation for Disney’s future growth and left an indelible mark on the company’s legacy.

Here is a quick rundown of everything that happened in the world of Disney in the year 1984. I hope you find this lookback in time helpful and entertaining.

Disney 1984 Movies Headlines:

Disney had a relatively tough year at the box office in 1984. The House of Mouse only release one film directly in 1984 (Never Cry Wolf) to modest success. The bigger news was the launch of Touchstone Pictures in February 1984. Touchstone gave Disney a lane to release films that were a bit riskier than the family films the studio had traditionally stuck with. Splash was the first film released by Touchstone in March 1984.

In 1984, Disney released several movies, including:

In 1984, Touchstone released several movies, including:

  • March 9 – Splash (This was Touchstone Pictures’ first film)
  • September 28 – Country

As was custom at this time, Disney also re-released a number of classic movies to theaters in 1984:

Disney 1984 Parks Headlines:

Disneyland Headlines:

Disney World Headlines:

International Park Headlines:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Welcomed its 10 million guest in April 1984.

That’s all for 1984. Stay tuned for in-depth looks at additional years in the very near future!

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