2021 & 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Now Available!

2021 & 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages are now officially available. It’s time to start booking those trips!

2021 & 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation PackagesAs we head into the new year and try to put a truly miserable 2020 squarely behind us, its time to start thinking about those post-pandemic Disney trips.

With so many trips canceled in 2020 and vaccinations already underway across the US, it is somewhat reasonable to expect a bit of a pent up vacation demand in 2021. If you are thinking about a 2021 Disney vacation, now is the time to book it. Despite being the 50th anniversary year for Walt Disney World, there is still plenty of resort availability at great rates….but that won’t last…

If you are a regular Disney News reader, you know that prior to the plague, Disney World was in the middle of a transformation. Although a few things have been canceled, pushed out indefinitely or have unknown open dates, there are still a number of major new attractions to be excited for in 2021. Some of the amazing new things you will want to see next year include:

There will, no doubt, be other surprises that will pop up along the way as life and travel get a bit more ‘normal’ and we near the October 2021 Disney World 50th birthday.

Consult a Professional Disney Travel Agent!

If you are considering a trip, I’d strongly recommend chatting with a professional Disney Travel Agent, who can help you plan your customized dream Disney World vacation.

Planning a Disney vacation is a beast. It is a complicated, confusing and overwhelming process and now 1000x more so with all the quick changes Disney had to make in response to the pandemic. Even if you booked a Disney trip in the past, you will be amazed at how much everything has changed due to the events of the past year. No matter if this is your first Disney vacation or your 20th, a DTA can help you maximize your vacation enjoyment with little effort on your part.

and the best part: a DTA’s services are 100% free!

To get your free no-obligation Disney World vacation quote, please fill out the brief form below to contact Kristy at Love the Mouse Travel. Kristy is a professional Disney Travel Agent and vacation planning expert who can help you build that perfect Disney trip (Disclaimer: in addition to being an excellent DTA, Kristy is also my wife, so yes, I am a bit biased, but really, she is great!). Kristy has planned countless vacations, including all of our family’s 20+ trips  and her vacationers love working with her. Her services are free to her clients, so fill out the brief form below today to see what options are available to you.

Here’s to a fun, healthy and memorable 2021. See you all in the parks!

Note: In case it is not abundantly obvious, because I am recommending my wife, I stand to benefit financially from you using her services. Her fees, as well as her employer’s are paid by Disney and do not cost you anything extra. Seriously, it is an awesome opportunity to get the most out of your trip and I highly recommend it!


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