Bambi (1942 Movie)

Bambi (1942 Movie)

Bambi Synopsis:

In the heart of the forest, Bambi takes his first wobbly steps and sets out to explore his new world with his friends: a lovable rabbit called Thumper and a bashful skunk named Flower. Their adventures together include skating on “stiff” water, frolicking through the woods and getting acquainted with all the other intriguing inhabitants of the forest. But that is only part of the story. Guided by the wise Friend Owl, the young prince also learns valuable lessons about love, loss, and life.

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Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • The movie is based on the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods, by Felix Salten.

  • MGM originally held the rights to the story, but sold them to Disney in 1937.

  • The movie was re-released to theaters 6 times after initial release.

  • The movie preceded Smokey the Bear as the US fire prevention symbol.

  • A sequel, Bambi II, was a direct-to-video release in the US.

Related Music:

    Bobby Stewart: Baby Bambi

    Donnie Dunagan: Young Bambi

    Hardie Albright: Adolescent Bambi

    John Sutherland: Young Adult Bambi

    Peter Behn: Young Thumper

    Tim Davis: Adolescent Thumper

    Sam Edwards: Young Adult Thumper

    Paula Winslowe: Bambi’s Mother and the Pheasant

    Stan Alexander: Young Flower

    Tim Davis: Adolescent Flower

    Sterling Holloway: Young Adult Flower

    Will Wright: Friend Owl

    Cammie King: Young Faline

    Ann Gillis: Young Adult Faline

    Fred Shields: Great Prince of the Forest

    Margaret Lee: Mrs. Rabbit

    Mary Lansing: Aunt Ena and Mrs. Possum

    Perce Pearce: Mr. Mole

    Directors: David Hand, James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Graham Heid, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield and Norman Wright
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Writers: Perce Pearce, Larry Morey, Vernon Stallings, Melvin Shaw, Carl Fallberg, Chuck Couch and Ralph Wright
  • Music: Frank Churchhill and Edward Plumb
$267.4 million
Nominated Academy Award
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