Song Of The South (1946 Movie)

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Song Of The South (1946 Movie)

Song of the South Facts and Statistics:

  • This was Disney’s first live-action film.

  • The movie is based on the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris.

  • Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah won the 1947 Oscar for Best Song.

  • Song of the South has never been released for home video.

  • The star of the movie, James Baskett, was not able to attend its premiere because the city it was held in, Atlanta, was a racially segregated city.

  • Even though the movie has not been released on home video, it was re-released in theaters 5 times as recently as 1986.

  • The popular Disneyeland and Disney World ride Splash Mountain was based on this movie.

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James Baskett: Uncle Remus and Br’er Fox
Bobby Driscoll: Johnny
Luana Patten: Ginny Favers
Glenn Leedy: Toby
Ruth Warrick: Sally
Lucile Watson: Grandmother
Hattie McDaniel: Aunt Tempy
Erik Rolf: John
Olivier Urbain: Mr. Favers
Mary Field: Mrs. Favers
Anita Brown: Maid
George Nokes: Jake Favers
Gene Holland: Joe Favers
Johnny Lee: Br’er Rabbit
Nick Stewart: Br’er Bear
Roy Glenn: Br’er Frog
Clarence Nash: Bluebird
Helen Crozier: Mother Possum

Directors: Harve Foster and Winfred Jackson
Producer: Walt Disney
Writers: Morton Grant, Maurice Rapf, Dalton S. Reymond, Bill Peet, George Stallings and Ralph Wright
Music: Daniele Amfitheatrof, Paul J. Smith and Charles Wolcott

$65 million
Won Academy Award

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