101 Dalmatian Street (Disney Channel Show)

101 Dalmatian Street (Disney Channel Show)

101 Dalmatian Street Description:

In 2019, Disney will debut a new series based on one of their classic animated movies. 101 Dalmatian Street is a new animated show, loosely based on the 1961 animated classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians which will air on Disney Channel (source)

Key Cast Members:

  • Dylan: Josh Brener
  • Dolly: Michaela Dietz
  • Doug: Rhashan Stone
  • Delilah: Ella Kenion
  • Doctor Dave: Stephen Mangan
  • Destiny and Déjà Vu: Lauren Donzis
  • Dallas: Abigail Zoe Lewis
  • Da Vinci: Akiya Henry
  • Dizzy: Nefeli Karakosta
  • Dee Dee: Florrie Wilkinson
  • Diesel: Bert Davis
  • D.J.: Maxwell Apple
  • Dorothy: Margot Powell
  • Delgado: Jack Binstead

Key Crew Members:

  • Writer: Maria O’Loughlin
  • Director: Miklos Weigert
  • Based upon the novel written by Dodie Smith

Episode List:

  • S1 E1: Dog’s Best Friend / Boom Night
  • S1 E2: Power to the Puppies / Who the Dog Do You Think You Are

Much more will be added to this post as the series’ debut nears and more details are released.

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