Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Disneyland)

Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Disneyland)

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Description:

Hop atop Dumbo and take off into the air on a joyful journey amid the jubilant sounds of circus music. Based on Disney’s 1941 animated classic Dumbo, Dumbo the Flying Elephant invites you to accompany everybody’s favorite circus elephant as he discovers his unique ability to fly.

A Breezy Adventure
As a jovial organ melody begins, Dumbo gracefully lifts off from the ground and magically begins to fly round and round above a dancing water fountain. Feel the wind race across your face as faithful friend Timothy Q. Mouse—resting on a decorative hot-air balloon in the center of what looks to be a vintage circus-themed toy—directs the action with help from his “magic” feather.

It’s an exhilarating thrill that is sure to lift your spirit and remind you that, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

How High Will You Fly?
During your aerial adventure, direct Dumbo to soar skyward or fly low by moving the lever inside the Dumbo-themed gondola.

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