A LEGO Toy Story Set of Andy’s Room? You Can Make it Happen!

LEGO Toy Story Set of Andy's RoomImage courtesy LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas is an amazing platform that is constantly showing off the creativity of the LEGO community. In the past, I have told you about the It’s a Small World LEGO set and the Big Thunder Mountain LEGO set concepts. Today, I bring you my favorite Disney LEGO set concept yet- a LEGO Toy Story Andy’s Room set.

LEGO Toy Story Set of Andy's Room

Image courtesy LEGO Ideas

Here is a brief description of the set from the creator:

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of “Toy Story” and with the upcoming release of “Toy Story 4” I decided to take Woody, Buzz and all their friends back to where the adventure first began to Andy’s original bedroom.

With this set of “Andy’s Room” everyone will have the ideal place to start their very own Toy Story adventure with their favorite Toy Story Mini figures “Woody, Buzz, Ham and Rex” along with some “new” brick built classics like “RC and Mr Potato Head”.

In case you aren’t familiar with the LEGO Ideas platform, here is the deal: A few years back, LEGO created the CUUSOO program (later renamed LEGO Ideas), which gave amateur set designers the ability to create new concepts and submit for actual retail consideration by LEGO. They are put to a fan vote and a number of great LEGO sets have been created because of the program. A set is considered for production if it receives 10,000 votes supporting it.

LEGO Toy Story Set of Andy's Room

Image courtesy LEGO Ideas

The LEGO Toy Story Andy’s Room set currently has 2,859 supporters with 394 days left, so it is in a good place so far. That said, if you want to see this set join the ranks of the Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters, Minecraft and Back to the Future sets as LEGO Ideas-supported projects, be sure to head over to the project page and lend you support!.


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