A Goofy Movie (1995 Movie)

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A Goofy Movie (1995 Movie)

A Goofy Movie Description:

“A Goofy Movie” is a classic blend of irresistible characters, unforgettable music, and an endearing modern-day story about how the lovable Goof bonds with his teenage son Max on a hilarious cross-country road trip. En route to the ol’ fishing hole, they find themselves up to their floppy ears in misadventure!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Jason Marsden: Maximillan “Max” Goof
  • Bill Farmer: Goofy
  • Kellie Martin: Roxanne
  • Jim Cummings: Pete
  • Rob Paulsen: P.J.
  • Pauly Shore: Robert “Bobby” Zimuruski
  • Jenna von Oÿ: Stacey
  • Julie Brown: Lisa
  • Joey Lawrence: Chad
  • Wallace Shawn: Principal Mazur
  • Frank Welker: Bigfoot
  • Kevin Lima: Lester the Possum
  • Florence Stanley: a Waitress
  • Jo Anne Worley: Miss Maples
  • Wayne Allwine: Mickey Mouse
  • Pat Buttram: the Possum Park Emcee
  • Robyn Richards: Lesters Grinning Girl
  • Herschel Sparber: a Security guard
  • Brittney Alyse Smith: the Photo Studio Girl
  • Corey Burton: Wendell
  • Pat Carroll: a restaurant waiter

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