Turtle Talk with Crush to get a ‘Finding Dory’ Makeover

Update 4/20/16: Disney has announced that “Finding Dory ” characters will begin appearing in the “Turtle Talk with Crush” show in early May 2016.

Original post 3/21/16: Disney’s marketing teams are masters of cross-promotion and they clearly have their sites set lately on this summer’s soon-to-be blockbuster, “Finding Dory,” the sequel to “Finding Nemo.”

Disney is planning on working in some of the characters from “Finding Dory” to the popular kids show “Turtle Talk with Crush.”

The interactive kids show, which appears at Epcot and Disney California Adventure, has Crush, the turtle character form “Finding Nemo” talking to kids in the audience and reacting to their responses and actions. In the reboot, Crush will share the limelight with some new ‘Dory’ characters including Destiny the whale shark, Bailey the beluga whale, Hank the seven-legged octopus and some original characters like Crush’s son Squirt, Dory, Nemo and his dad Marlin.

Please leave a comment below once you’ve seen the show and let us all know what you thought!

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