Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Park Description:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest of four major theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida having opened on April 22, 1998 (Earth Day, of course). The park has a zoological theme and is dedicated to nature and animal conservation.

Park Areas:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is comprised of five differently themed areas:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • DinoLand U.S.A.
  • Discovery Island
  • Pandora – The Wonder of Avatar

There are also a couple of smaller subareas of the park:

  • Oasis (park entrance area)
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch


Park Address:

2901 Osceola Parkway, Orlando, FL 32830

Articles, Features and Directory Items:

Here is your complete guide to Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom including attractions, restaurants, shows and rides past, present and future. As always, new pieces are added to this collection regularly.


Satu’li Canteen (Disney World)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Satu’li Canteen Description: At Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Satu’li Canteen, discover healthful dishes and familiar flavors from another world—wholesome grains, fresh vegetables and…

Pongu Pongu (Disney World)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Pongu Pongu Description: At Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Pongu Pongu, quench your thirst the Pandoran way at an otherworldly pit-stop offering Na’vi-inspired refreshment….

Finding Nemo: The Musical (Disney World)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Finding Nemo: The Musical Description: Based on the hit animated movie, this must-“sea” adventure makes a splash with spectacular music and stunning…

Rivers of Light (Disney World Show)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Rivers of Light Description: Get swept away in a timeless show that celebrates the beauty of all living things. With a brilliant…

Wildlife Express Train (Disney World Ride)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Wildlife Express Train Details: Ride the rails on this rustic locomotive that travels behind-the-scenes from Harambe, Africa to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Cross…

TriceraTop Spin (Disney World Ride)

Last updated on: 06/7/20TriceraTop Spin Description: On TriceraTop Spin, fly high on a dinosaur around a twirling tin-toy top at this delightful carnival-inspired attraction. Spin…

Kilimanjaro Safaris (Disney World Ride)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Kilimanjaro Safaris Details: On Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris, ride off in an open-air vehicle for a day or evening tour of…

Primeval Whirl (Disney World Ride)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Primeval Whirl Ride Description: Spin and slide on Primeval Whirl- a time-machine coaster back to the dinosaur age through a madcap maze…

Yak & Yeti Restaurant (Disney World)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Yak & Yeti Restaurant Description: At Yak & Yeti Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, travelers can relax and replenish with a pan-Asian…

Kali River Rapids (Disney World Ride)

Last updated on: 06/7/20Kali River Rapids Description: Set out on a rip-roaring, river raft ride through a lush jungle landscape ravaged by illegal logging. Hang…