Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World – A Complete Guide

Last Updated on: April 7th, 2024

Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney WorldPressed pennies, also known as elongated coins, are a popular souvenir at Walt Disney World and other theme parks. They are created by inserting a penny (or other coin) into a machine, which then uses a press to flatten the coin and emboss it with a design.

These designs often feature popular Disney characters or scenes from Disney movies and attractions. They are a popular collectible and can be found in several locations throughout the Walt Disney World resort, including the parks, hotels, and Disney Springs. These machines can be found in various locations throughout the park, and many guests like to collect pressed pennies as a reminder of their visit to Walt Disney World. Some guests even make it a mission to collect all the available designs.

Where to find pressed penny machines in Disney World:

Are you a Disney pressed penny collector? The good news is there are a ton of machines across the resort inside its many theme parks and hotels. The bad news is they are quite spread out although, unless you are a completionist, you can build your collection pretty quickly by just visiting a few parks.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of where you can find pressed pennies throughout Disney World.

Jump to a park:

(Please note: these locations are as of January 2023 and do change occasionally)

Pressed Pennies at Magic Kingdom:

Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World

Pressed Penny Machines on the Contemporary Resort 4th Floor

Pressed Pennies at EPCOT

Pressed Pennies at Hollywood Studios

Pressed Pennies at Animal Kingdom

Pressed Pennies at Disney Springs

  • Coin Press Machine near Sundries
  • Marketplace Fun Funds
  • T-REX
  • World of Disney
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Super Hero Headquarters
  • Star Wars Galactic Outpost
  • Marketplace Stage
  • Disney Pin Traders
  • Goofy’s Candy Company
  • Disney’s Days of Christmas
  • Exposition Park
  • Once Upon a Toy
  • House of Blues

Pressed Pennies at Disney Resorts

That’s a quick rundown of what Disney pressed pennies are and where to find them. I hope you found this post helpful and happy hunting!

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